Using machine learning to discover new threats before they pose a problem

Delve labs "use of deep learning techniques provides us with the ability to help security experts reduce the burden of removing false-positives in large vulnerabilities dataset for the most complex environments." This saves the CISO time and money. This automation removes the guesswork of staying up to date on the latest threats and information from across the globe. Modular and lightweight Deleve Labs uses the latest cloud ready tech to make scaling a breeze.

Vulsec works with Delve Labs to learn about new and evolving threats. This allows us to know what threats certain industries are facing at any given time. Using the power of Halogen, CISOs see what threats are present in the infrastructure in real time. It is this power that gives CISOs an unfair advantage removing the time attackers have to plan an sneak into the infrastructure.  


  Server scanning VS Web server scanning

Warden provides a powerful scanning engine that is able to detect web vulnerabilities and server infrastructure issues. This allows you to go further than ensuring that the machine is secure it also checks for best practices in web servers and applications. With web applications being targeted by attackers more and more it is crucial to ensure that your applications and code are working properly and safely. Test your application continuously with OWASP Top 10. 

This constant status of threats is so important that Warden delivers 365 days of scanning. Allowing you to track changes in your infrastructure daily and to monitor security progress holistically.

Halogen uses the power of Warden by delve labs to discover assets on your network that you might not have known about previously. After these assets have been discovered they will be tracked by halogen with issues being assigned to Interlink for painless remediation tracking. Using real world data from industries across the world Delve Labs is able to make smart inferences into the threat landscape. "We [Delve Labs] want to find a method of publishing this data that would allow researchers to dive into vulnerability analysis without being able to find the identity of clients from the structured set of data". 


  • Discover new attack techniques 
  • Use the power of nueral networks to find hidden issues
  • Know about changes on your network mapped to known risks
  • Discover issues before they become problems

For Analysts

  • Spend less time monitoring your internet accessible devices through a spreadsheet
  • Implement threat intelligence into your information security program
  • Gain the vision of a hacker to streamline remediation
  • Easy remediation collaboration with Interlink

How do information security teams use Vulsec? 

Find issues in the infrastructure. Warden uses AI to learn about current and evolving threats to protect your infrastructure from the latest threats. By incorporating Warden into our offering Vulsec is capable of providing the necessary data for a CISO or Analysts to stay on top of threats exposed to the internet. These threats are constantly evolving where your organization will be able to take the first step in getting ahead of the hacker by knowing internet exposed risks. 

Asset Management

Vulsec takes out the questioning around "What is exposed on the Internet?" combined with streamlining your asset management spreadsheet by taking excel out of the question. Tag assets by criticality ranking, tag ports that are known, and match assets to your business needs. Warden AI uses "bayesian logic at specific points in time, this allows us to maximize path coverage efficiency in the largest of networks and applications, delving deeper to expose previously unknown vulnerabilities." 

Shodan asset management


Vulnerability management 

Vulsec allows for your organization to monitor and manage multiple companies to witness the risks exposed to the internet. Track current issues and follow them through a life cycle ensuring that they are being fixed.

Shodan and portfolio monitoring

Go beyond the web to incorporate and automate your companies threat intelligence. Mixed with active scanning gain a holistic approach to your information security knowledge of external risks. Monitor these risks on an ongoing basis to provide the necessary data to your team for efficient remediation. 


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