Eliminate your 100 page Penetration Test PDF

Have you ever had a penetration test or enterprise risk assessment and the testing company provided you with a PDF or Word Document? 

Wouldn't it be nice to leverage the data from those antiquated static assessments and digitize the penetration test report? Report on and quantify these risks and assign them to specific individuals to allow your company to be more efficient in the remediation process.

Let us help you eliminate those static reports, improve efficiency on your team, and remediate risks faster. 

Check out how Vulsec allows for your organization to become a data centric security department. 

Special Pricing

Unlimited Assessments up to 100 pages. 

One Year Access for up to 5 employees. 

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Digitize Your Reports

How do information security teams use InterLink? 



  • Connect the dots between risks and solutions
  • Bridge the silos within the organization by assigning risks to employees
  • Conduct efficient assessments on an ongoing basis
  • See risks in real time and track progress

For Analysts

  • Connect risks together and implement proper solutions throughout the organization
  • Understand the risks within the applications from previous penetration tests
  • Easy remediation collaboration with Interlink
  • Keep track of your priorities and task lists


Digital Assessment Warehouses

Allow your teams to categorize assessments based on Web Application, Social Engineering, External and Internal Penetration Testing. Adding findings to multiple assessments and allow these findings to get mapped to solutions that your company can efficiently connect the dots against your allowed budgets. Assessment Tracking


Central Management of Corporate Findings

Vulsec allows your company to understand all of the findings within your organization from your previous penetration tests and/or enterprise risk assessments. 

Assign by Qualitative and Quantitative information about specific findings to see which risks your organization should tackle. 

Assign specific tasks to employees to ensure aspects are being properly managed from these assessments. Ensure that findings are being remediated throughout the entire organization, no matter where the employee is located. 

Enterprise risk tracking


Finding Mangement

Assign solutions to your findings to track the common connections to remediating the findings throughout your company.

Allow your employees to comment on a finding for the penetration tester to retest or for your executive to unlock budgets against a specific risk.  

Track the status of a finding if an employee is currently remediating or testing specific solutions to ensure productivity is efficient throughout the company. 

Finding Tracking


Member Mangement

Calculate the amount of work your executive and engineers have on their plates around risks. Track which findings and assessments they assigned to throughout your organization. 

Easily quantify if there is a need for Full-Time hires or consulting groups to alleviate the time of your team. 

Corporate employee tracking


Instant Notifications

Allow your team to track when a finding gets update within the company through our Slack integration 

Slack integration

Allow your team to communicate through an internal messaging system to work on tackling solutions and communicate withy our vendors. 


Go beyond just digitizing your risk assessments by allowing Vulsec to streamline the remediation process through our CISO Marketplace.  

Schedule a meeting with one of our analysts to digitize your previous penetration tests and risk assessment deliverables. 

Special Pricing

Unlimited Assessments up to 100 pages. 

One Year Access for up to 5 employees. 

30-day money back guarantee


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