Test, Train, and Engage your employees 


From phishing, vishing, smishing, and ransomware analysis.

Lucy makes people testing, awareness training, and technology assessment available to allow a CISO to remediated from data. 

With an ever changing threat landscape, Halogen uses the power of Lucy to identify and track employees on your network giving you a clear picture of what is going on at any time. Halogen will than take the assessment details and highlight employee risks or vulnerabilities that have been detected. This gives the CISO the heads up on what needs to be fixed, pairing with interlink allows for seamless issue tracking ensuring that problems are known and getting fixed.  With BYOD being the norm and smart devices being more common place you may not know what is on your network at any given time. These devices each come with a unique set of risks and management difficulties.




  • Learn about Employee risks across enterprise and BOYD security 
  • Know about changes to your employee landscape and social media profiles
  • Conduct GDPR, Ransomware, and cell phone risk assessments

For Analysts

  • Spend less time monitoring your employee risks through a spreadsheet
  • Implement threat intelligence into your information security program
  • Gain the vision of a hacker on attackers conducting social engineering against your company

How do information security teams use Vulsec? 


Through Halogen quantify the risks your employees are leaving your organization susceptible too. Whether these are email breaches, social media risks, or social engineering analytics. 

Find issues in employee risk profile across your organization. halogen allows you to configure social engineering campaigns based on your companies needs. Whether this is testing corporate phones, computers for ransomware, or following compliance requirements through training like GDPR. If you user clicks on a phishing email, track how well they do through training whether it is a video, a quiz, or a quick game. 

By incorporating Lucy into our offering Vulsec is capable in providing the necessary data for a CISO or Analysts to stay on top of threats exposed to the internet. These threats are constantly evolving where your organization will be able to take the first step in getting ahead of the hacker by knowing internet exposed risks. 

Employee Management

Vulsec takes out the questioning around "What is exposed on the Internet?" combined with streamling your Employee management spreadsheet by taking excel out of the question. Tag employees by criticality ranking, tag social media accounts, and match social engineering statistics to departments or positions.



Social Media Monitoring

Vulsec allows for your organization to monitor who is registering as an employee on social media to witness the risks exposed to the internet. We continuously monitor your organizations for publicly known risks into a central location where your CISOs from all companies can login. 


Go beyond the web to incorporate and automate your companies threat intelligence. Mixed with email breaches and social engineering gain a holistic approach to your information security knowledge of external risks. Monitor these risks on an ongoing basis to provide the necessary data to your team for efficient remediation. 





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